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The British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS) is the specialist division of the British Veterinary Association  (BVA) recognised as having responsibility for exotic pets, companion avian species, zoo animals and wildlife. Founded in 1961(see details of inaugural meeting ) the BVZS nowadays has an international membership and finds itself involved in almost every aspect of the care and welfare of exotic pets, zoo animals and wildlife.

The aims of the Society are to promote the advancement of veterinary knowledge and skill in the maintenance of the health and welfare of non-domesticated animals and to encourage proper housing and conditions for such animals; to encourage full use of veterinary services by wild animal establishments and by the owners of exotic animals; to promote the international exchange of veterinary knowledge of non-domesticated animals.

The current membership of the BVZS is approximately 412 paid up members which consist of:-

In addition to the above there are several other persons/organisations on the mailing list.

The membership includes veterinarians and non-veterinarians working with exotic species at all levels, from those in general practice providing a service for herpetologists, aviculturists, aquarists and the owners of exotic pets, to those working part-time and full-time in animal sanctuaries, wildlife parks, bird gardens, zoos and aquaria, and with free living wild animals. Members also work in the fields of zoology, pathology and other aspects of exotic animal care e.g. pet shop ownership and film work.

The BVZS liaises with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons on the subject of continuing professional development and further specialist qualifications, including the Certificate and Diploma in Zoological Medicine and with other organisations in the many aspects of zoo, wildlife and exotic animal medicine.

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