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Our RVN and student nurse members are rising in number, please contact your VN Council Representative for further information.

Vet Student and post-grad EAZWV Grants.

GUIDELINES FOR ABSTRACTS FOR BVZS MEETINGS: we welcome student speakers and poster presentations, for which there are prizes. 

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Posters are invited for submission and display at each BVZS Meeting. For the 2019 Conference, the deadline is 24th June. Any attendee may submit posters, though only those produced by undergraduate or postgraduate students (including veterinary nurse students) qualify for entry for the Awards (see below). Posters will be on display for the duration of the meeting.

  1. Posters should be within a board size of 85cm width x 120cm height.
  2. Please supply Velcro fixings.
  3. Posters should be put up before 9am on the Friday. For options to place posters the afternoon before, please contact the BVZS  Adminstrator or the local organiser (contact details will be made available at the time).
  4. An abstract of the poster is required to be submitted six weeks before the Meeting.  The abstract should be of approximately 300 words and will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  The abstract should be e-mailed to the Session Chair and to Victoria Roberts
  5. Posters should be composed of a large enough font to be read from a distance.  Title should be at least 48 font and general text at least 28 font.
  6. Images should be clear and bear legends which allow understanding of the figure without reference to the main text.
  7. The presenting author should be underlined and contact details provided.

A guide poster layout is shown below.


Posters should contain a descriptive title, with authors’ names and addresses below.  The text should start with an Abstract and end with a Summary.  The main content of the poster should be set according to standard scientific format: Hypothesis/Aim; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion.

Posters to be considered for Prize Awards should be marked accordingly in the top left hand corner “PRIZE SUBMISSION”.  If they are not marked, they will not be judged.

Authors are requested to stand by their posters for discussion during the morning coffee break on the day of the meeting that they are attending.
Prize award criteria and details are explained below in more detail. The judging of the awards will be carried out at the BVZS conference by a panel appointed by BVZS Council. Their decision is final. In the event of no submission being selected, the award(s) will be carried over to the next conference. Posters will be judged during the lunchtime period on the Sunday and the winner will be announced at close of conference on the Sunday afternoon (unless otherwise advised).  A photograph of the winner and the abstract will be published in the next edition of the BVZS Newsletter.

If the winner is not present to receive the award, they will be notified in due course by the Student Liaison Officer and receive a cheque by post.  The absentee will be requested to provide a photograph to be published in the BVZS meeting report.

For further queries, please contact the BVZS Student Liaison Officer or the BVZS Administrator .

Award details

There are currently four sponsored Awards, provided by BVZS sponsors. Originally the idea of Keith Simpson (Vetronic), other BVZS sponsors are kindly joining in with this project and there are up to four prizes currently available in a year:

1. The Vetronic Award for best presentation or poster by a student describing an anaesthetic procedure.
2. The Bayer Award for best poster or presentation by a student.
3. The Virbac Award for best presentation or poster by a student describing a case in which a Virbac product was used.
4. The Burgess prize award for the best poster or presentation by a student covering any aspect of veterinary medicine or surgery related to    rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils or ferrets.

Student is defined as: undergraduate veterinarian or veterinary nurse, or postgraduate on a full time veterinary course leading to a recognised qualification e.g. MSc. They are not available to those in employment, or those on internship or residency programs unless self-funded.

Each award carries free registration, dinner, and the conference hotel accommodation to the value of £400 maximum, the award being given at one meeting and then used at the following meeting. Contact Lindsay Thomas if you wish to enter.




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